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Development Process of Website & Mobile App

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Development Process of Website and Mobile App:

1. Discover your Unique Idea

2. Market Research

3. Prepare Full Scope and Define Functionality

4. Design Wire frame & Prototype

5. Start Development with Defined Technologies

6. Deploy at Server

Discover your unique idea

All popular web and mobile app development agency you know are totally originated from their founder's vision. The market has around 350 billion app downloads worldwide and it's increasing more by one’s idea.

Market research

Before implement your idea, you need to research that the idea which you have is already built or not, this app idea really adds value to customer’s needs? How you are going to earn from this website or mobile app? You need to target the right audience with your geographic region.

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Prepare full scope and Define functionality

To get a perfect result and successful product, you need to define flow, functionalities in detail. We at 3rd Digital are specialized to turn customer’s ideas into reality. You need to imagine as an end user what the app should be like and how it should function.

Design Wire frame & Prototype

This phase includes listing down the specific features and how each feature relates to each other. Wire framing involves creating a general structure of the proposed mobile application. It will be your skeletal framework of an app/website. Clickable prototype helps to understand and manage the sequence of consecutive screens which will appear in your app.

Start Development with Defined Technologies

After getting a full road map and structure, the development process can be started. Need to focus on core functionality development thus one can launch their MVP product and get initial reviews and feedback.

We are at 3rd Digital ,always known for structural coding and pixel-perfect designs. Testing is a very important part in development due to test cases you can get an app better.

Deploy at server

After fully tested and functioning well, the next phase is to deploy on the server to reach end-users. For websites you can host with preferred hosting providers like Godaddy, Hostgator and so on...for mobile apps you can deploy them at Google play store or apple app store with all required details.

To sum up, website and app development company in 2021 is a combination of idea + research + cost + development + marketing. It helps to grow your business and stand in the market.

We at 3rd Digital follow the same web and app development process: information gathering, research, design, coding, testing, launching, maintenance and last but not least is marketing. According to this process, you can get your dream website and mobile apps.